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It is going to be an interesting summer.  The boy and I leave town on June 4th - me to Louisville, KY for the AP U.S. History reading, the boy for grandma and grandpa's house.  I will be back on the 12th - but it turns out that the grandparents are going to head up to the Aunt's house on the 9th - so i will not get to see the boy when I get back.  :(  And the Aunt is not planning on coming back down until July 15th...what will I do???  This will be far be the longest he has been away.  He is really looking forward to the trip and spending time with his cousins.

Meanwhile, I will come back on the 12th - but leave again on the 15th for Japan!  I was not planning on going, but circumstances have come about that another chaperon was really needed and the costs went down sufficiently to be able to afford for another chaperon to go.  So I leave on the 15th and will be back on the 29th.  Amoung other things, this means missing Res Urbanis.  :(  This will be the first one I have missed as it is an event I started. I am sure they will be fine without me!  And since the husband will be home, our humble home will still be available to those we have made arrangement with to stay for the weekend.  You will just get the man and no me!
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