Jul. 1st, 2009 07:31 am
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Finding myself using Facebook more than LJ these days.  Mostly because it is short entries which is usually all I have time for.  Especially important when you have very limited internet connection.

So... update on the last few weeks...

1st - Graduation was June 4th.  Really going to miss some of the kids that graduated this year, it was a great group!  Went to the ceremony and immediately took off for the airport for the AP Reading.

2nd - spent a week in Kentucky reading essays.  All went well except I caught a slight cold on the way there (seemed to have done so on the plane.)  Spent the whole week doing everything I could to get rid of it because of the Japan trip.  Managed to succeed and trip back was uneventful.

3rd - was home for the weekend and then gone again - this time to Japan!  Took 9 students (along with another teacher).  Spent a day in Tokyo, then took the train to Kami City where our sister school is.  Had a great host family - for a week I had 4 sisters and 2 adorable nieces, as well as Japanese parents.  :)  Everyone cried at the airport when we had to leave and I had a 2 year old and a 4 year old attached to me.  Flew back to Tokyo and spent another day site seeing and shopping.  Got home Monday night.

4th - Jumped right into things, met with a Yearbook Main editor yesterday.  Meeting with all of the staff today.  Dr's appointments this week.  Next week will have Senior Pictures for school.  Busy Busy!

Most importantly - missing E terribly.  He is in Kentucky with the Greatest Aunt in the Whole World and having the time of his life with his cousins.  Won't be back until July 15th and I don't know what I will do! 

OK, back to work...
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