Feb. 6th, 2010 11:18 pm
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Wow, I really haven't posted in a long time...did not realize it had been so long!  So, to catch things up...

Family - we are doing fine.  Edward is still the most wonderful kid in the world (tm) even if we have been having some recent school issues.  Working on nipping those in the bud.  For the most part middle school (and 7th grade) has agreed with him.  He is in band now- plays the clarinet.  And says he wants piano lessons.  And we have been volunteering at the Suncoast Animal League for over a year now - totally his thing, I have to go because at his age he must have a parent with him, but it is his volunteer gig. He still wants to be a vet.  Guy currently has the chest cold that has been going around that I am at the tail end of.  We have had our share of this winters illnesses, but nothing big.

Work - is frustrating.  The most so since I have been teaching.  It has been a VERY stressful year, the first since I began this career that I have considered the idea of leaving it - well, not exactly leaving it, but practicing it somewhere else.  The kids are still great, the bureacracy is not.

Education -as in my own.  Had a great 1st semester for my Master's Degree in American History.  Loved my class and love going back to being a student.  And was totally getting overwhelmed.  Managed to get through, but had to come to the decision that with my current work schedule (6 preps!!) it was not going to work without killing myself.  Dropped my class for this semester and am working on getting a better handle on the work schedule so this will all work the way it should.

Money - is still tight.  And will be unless all of a sudden one of us gets a higher paying job handed to us.  Have to remember that at least we *have* jobs which is much better than some.

SCA - work is starting on who the next Baron and Baroness will be. If all goes as planned the turnover will be in December.  We have some good candidates, it should be great!

Also we are currently in the middle of our Japanese Exchange.  Been a big deal this year as it is the 40th anniversary of the whole thing starting.  Unfortunately, we ended up not having anyone stay with us (gave our person up for a student who wanted someone with her) which is kind of a let down.  So far the visit is going well, another week to go!

Overall, life is chugging along.  A little crazier than usual at the moment, but working on getting it back in line.
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