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I can't believe it is almost over, it always goes too fast!  Most of this week has been spent with E and a friend of his who stayed with us much of the week because his parents were working.  We started with TMT last weekend and a chance to see some friends we had not seen in a long time.  And a chance to celebrate a bunch of birthday's - including E's.  :) 

Monday was his 13th birthday and this year he chose to forgo the giant birthday bash and have a couple of his closest friends over instead.  They got pretty much the run of the place, we went to Chick-fil-A for lunch and at least got chicken sandwiches into them before the madness began.  Then on to MovieStop, where they each to go pick out a movie (with two for E as he was the birthday boy.)  Zombieland, Alien v. Predator, Poltergeist and Happy Gilmore ended up being the choices.  Next stop was Publix where each boy got to pick a bag of chips and a 2 liter (and some cookies got thrown into the mix.)  On to home, where the Movie Palooza began and I ordered pizza for them.  They switched back and forth between the projector in the living room and the TV in Edward's room - and between movies, the Wii and one of the boy's Xbox.  What more could a group of boys want?  :>  They finally wore themselves out in the wee hours of the morning and when I woke up they were already up and watching another movie. 

Tuesday they spent the night at one of the friend's house, and wednesday at the other one's house.  Thursday was our day out (me, E and his friend.)  We met the husband for lunch, visited with a former neighbor and then went to the mall for new shoes for E.  Men's SIZE 9!!!  Argh!  Bought the boys a couple of video games because they had been so good all day (including incredible patience while I visited with the neighbor.)  And then everyone went to their respective homes for the first time all week.  While all this was going on this week I worked on balancing the bank account and mortgage modification paperword.

Today has been productive around the house.  The neighbor had tree guys there to take down the tree between our two houses so he could put up a fence.  We ended up piggybacking on what he was doing and although we spent a big of money, got a lot trimmed back and cleaned up around here.  Also now have a nice pile of firewood that needs be piled up to age.  Got the boy to pull some giant weeds and finally got the flat screen TV mounted on the wall.  That really opened up the family room!  The stand it was on went into E's room and we did some rearranging (and the requisite cleaning behind things) and opened up some space in his room.  In between all that was interviewed by a former student for a paper she is writing and met our new neighbor and their dog, Studley.  :P  Now E has gone off to spend the night at his friends house again and I am working on organizing and filing receipts and bills.  Woo Hoo, big fun!  :) I also need to get some planning done for school.

And now the week is over, only the weekend left.  And I still need to plan, work on college paperwork and find a place to have an SCA event.  The fun never ends! :)

Date: 2010-04-04 03:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
glad you stayed away from Clearwater Friday was a mess
Traffic was backed up on GTB from the round about to US 19
Talk about a good Friday


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