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Had a great trip to Washington, D.C. for the Organization of American Historians conference.  Truly geeked out!  Got to go to an interesting session on the AP U.S. History test and the changes they are talking about for the new future.  Another session on 4 of the modern monuments in D.C., Vietnam, Korea, WWII and the previously unknown to me Japanese American memorial.  Not only did I learn of a memorial I had not previous known about, but there was some great discussion on the modern memorial movement.  Got to rub shoulders with great historians (include my personal idol, Dr. Carol Berkin) and gt a bunch of great history books mostly for free, or at least very cheap.  Woo Hoo!  Add to that spending time with 4 of my teaching colleagues and gettign to spend 5 days wandering around D.C. and it was a great trip!  In our off time we visited most of the monuments, the American History Museum, the Smithsonian Castle and gardens, Arlington Cemetary, the Surratt House (for Chinese food!) and the street fair for the Cherry Blossom Festival celebrating the 98 year relationship between D.C. and Japan.

Now I am back home, and tired from all of the walking for the last 5 days (and the hills!) 

And a surprise outcome from the whole thing...a job!  I had not been invited to the AP Reading this year (bummer), but one of the sessions we went to was being run by the new Chief decided that it did not hurt to ask and after the session asked him if any more invitations were going out and we had a very nice conversation.  He took down my name, and lo and behold, 2 days later I had an invite!!  This is great news because the money is a big factor in our summer plans.
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