Jan. 1st, 2009

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Well, since at least one person asked  :)

Last night I decided to go ahead with the pain meds - I only took Tylenol the first day.  It was not so much a pain thing (headache, but not a horrible one) as it was a sleep thing.  Waking up EVERY hour does not make for good sleep.  With the pain meds I at least slept 3 hours at a time before my *extremely* dry mouth woke me up.  So I took it at midnight and was up at 3am.  interesting thing is then I was WIDE AWAKE - read for 3 hours until I could take another one at 6am and then slept until 9:30am.  It was good to get some sleep - but then spent much of the day very groggy from the meds.  Tonight went out to see friends for New Years with the family.  I had really debated on going, but I was starting to feel a bit house crazy.  Did quite good for about an hour and a half before starting to feel really tired - spent the rest of the time on the couch watching Wall-E until it was time for the count down and then home.  Just took more meds to get to sleep.

****WARNING*****  Can't really remember how to hide behind a cut at the moment and too tired to look.  TMI follows, read at your own risk!!

Symptoms as of now include that it is still draining quite a bit - but instead of blood it is bloody snot.  And I am still coughing up chunks of blood - but now it is obviously old blood (brown instead of red.)   My nose is totally blocked up still which I am finding a bit worrisome.  Also starting to get a reaction to the medical tape on my cheeks and it is getting rather raw.  I get tired rather easily and have to drink with a straw or what I am drinking ends up in the gauze (ew.)  Wasn't hungry much yesterday, but today was more so.  Finding myself a bit off balance - think it has to do with the sinus fullness, sometimes it seems to extend to my ears.  It does not help that I am having to wear my glasses which I had not worn in six months - so my depth perception is a bit off as well.

That is it for now...feel the meds starting to take effect, time for sleep.


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