Jan. 4th, 2009

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Have had a difficult time the last couple of days.  Thursday night the dripping had reduced enough to no longer wear the gauze "mustache."  Still some seepage, but not enough to warrant it and I really needed to give my cheeks a chance to heal from the tape.  Sounds like progress, but...that night I had great trouble sleeping as the tubes in the stints in my nose had started to open up a bit.  Once again, sounds good, but it would seem I am very trained on the breathing through my nose thing when I sleep (probably through using a CPAP for the last 4 years) and every time I started to fall asleep I would try to breath through my nose and not get enough oxygen and eventually start to choke myself.  I sounded bad enough that the husband woke me up at one point.  He had to work on friday and I did not want to keep him up - so I got up with a book and sat at the table for a little while to read.  Add to all this that I also got my period with a vengence and my back was really hurting (probably a combination of that and that I have been in bed so much) so I got the book light and settled into the old-lady recliner we inherited a few years ago.  It has a lower back heater in it that really helped.  Still could not sleep and FINALLY dozed off around 6 or 7am from pure exhaustion.  Slept in until about 11 and by that time I was so completely plugged up it was absolutely miserable.  My nose was so plugged up that it was dripping down my throat causing me to gag - and since I could only breathe through my mouth when I gagged I could not breath at all.  I was doing the saline washes as instructed and it was not helping at all.  By the afternoon I was starting to get paniced and by the time I got the doctors office to at least give me the voice mail of the doctors assistant I know I sounded pretty freaked out.  I really was getting to the point of being in tears because I could not breathe and the thought of being like that all weekend had me in a bit of a panic.

So she finally called me back and said I should use a nettie pot (although she did not call it that to begin with - tried to describe it until I gave her the name and said I already had one.)  And I should use it "vigorously" according to the doctor.

OK - time out - why couldn't someone have mentioned this earlier???

So I had started with a warm shower (which I was in when she called) which seemed to help a small bit.  After that I tried the nettie pot and washed out great gobs of goop.  No wonder I could not breathe!!  Helped enourmously, but I was still exhasted.  Used it about 5 times in as many hours.  Also ended up using a shot of nasal spray to open things up which helped me to be able to flush out more goo.

This brings us to last night.  By the time I wanted to sleep it had totally blocked up again and the nettie pot was doing nothing for it.  Could not sleep.  Got up and read again, found some decongestant and took it in hopes of it helping - and found the Vicks Vaporub.  That was a big help!  Still, could not sleep until about 5:30 when I finally could use some more of the nasal spray.  (12 hours stuff) and then I fell asleep from exhaustion - I was so tired I was getting dizzy.  Then I sleep VERY soundly - sleeping through the cleaning lady for the most part (finally woke up when she was finishing.)  Got up and used the nettie pot and then went back to sleep.

So today has been the constant battle of the nettie pot - if I let it get to backed up than the saline can't make its way through my sinuses and it does no good.  Basically the trick seems to be to use some nasal spray and give it a big of a chance to work.  Then use the nettie pot and flush things out - continue to do about once an hour so it can't get backed up.  If I don't keep on it, then I ended up blocked up and have to wait until i can administer the nasal spray again.

I am doing better tonight and think I will be able to sleep (which I plan on doing when I finish with this entry.)  For anyone considering this surgery here are some things to have on hand:

A nettie pot and salt
Nasal spray (not the no-drip stuff)
Vicks Vapo-Rub
Mentholated Cough Drops
Neosporin to heal things up where the tape is (if needed)
Stuff for chapped lips (I am using Soft Lips Secret Healer which seems to be working rather well)
Lots of water
A humidifier
Decongestant (I am using DayQuil caps)
LOTS of Kleenex

Remember no ibuprofen or aspirin.  I am also finding my BioFreeze to be very helpful

Starting to doze - here it to getting a full nights sleep (and actually during the hours I am suppossed to!).


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