Mar. 22nd, 2009

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Let's see...recently we have had troubles with the dryer, the hot water heater, the washer, the stove, the garbage disposal and the car.   So what could be left?  Why the refrigerator of course!  I noticed friday  night when I went to get ice that it was a bit melted, but figured that the freezer door had not been closed all the way (not an uncommon occurance around here - doors either seemed to get slammed shut or not completely shut, we are a house of extremes...)  Apparently that was not the case because when I went to the fridge to get some juice late this morning there was condensation on the carton.  Uh Oh.  After a quick assessment of the situation I got out the ol' trashbags and started filling them up.  The freezer was done for - things like the ice cream were completely liquified - and coming through there cartons.  Fun.  There were a couple of salvagable things in there, but most had to go.  Then went for the fridge.  Fortunately most of that was still OK as it had not had a chance to get too warm.

The bright side?  We have another fridge in the garage.  I had to clean it up and get it better organized to fit everything, but at least we have refrigeration.  And I have now completely cleaned the fridge from top to bottom, which really needed to be done as it turned out.  There was some gross stuff in there under the drawers (which I can not normally take out.)  The husband took a look at it when he got home - thinks it needs a recharge but he can't do it.  So I will be calling APSCO tomorrow.

So...can we quit with all this yet??  Yes, I know we have been in the house 5 years but does everything have to go at once????  You, dishwasher, no breaking down!!


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