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I have a house full of boys.  From a 6 year old to a 46 year old.  Four of them.  Tonight the husband set up the computers to play some online game (starcraft??) and they were playing with the boys on the computer in E's bedroom and the husband on his laptop.  They had a ball.  We were bad parents and even let them eat their dinner in the bedroom while playing.  He is making geeks out of them already.  :)

Having 2 extra boys around (the nephews) is in some ways a lot and in some ways easier.  The harder part is mostly in trying to keep things clean and straight.  I make them stop periodically and pick things up - but the sheer volume of dirt that is involved in being a boy just overwhelms things.  On the good side - 3 of them together are much more self occupying than 1 is. 

Today we went to the park.  We had an SCA tournament and the kids ran around like.....boys.  The oldest cousin (12) actually sat and watched for a while.  Actually kept track of all of the husbands fights too.  It would be neat to get him into fighting.

Tomorrow we are having people over so I have told the boys that it will be a play in the neighborhood day.  E had lots of friends here now so that should not be a problem.  Then next week E and A go to skateboarding camp in the mornings while R and I run errands and visit with people.  I could get used to this 3 boys things.  It would be nice to provide some stability for them - they have not had much in their life and it does not look like their mother is going to provide it anytime soon.  You already see lots of signs of it in A especially.  He needs some chances to be a kid and not the one in charge.

So, we do what we can over 2 weeks and see what time will tell....


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