Aug. 11th, 2007 03:53 pm
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This was an interesting Pennsic.  Well, really, all of them are in their own way.  One of the different things this year was the addition of our electronic gadgets.  We had our cell phones with us all of the time and could recharge them on a little charger that took AA batteries so they stayed charged all war.  E had his wristwatch walkie talkies which were a big hit with the other kids in the camp.  We also had our laptops and the husbands PDA.  Wow, we are soooo medieval.  :)  I checked my email every day from my phone and kept up with Live Journal.  And right now I am updating from the car on the way home!  We are such techno geeks.

Otherwise this years war was VERY wet.  Unusually so.  It made it not as much fun for E as we got cooped up a lot.  It made it difficult to spend as much time with friends or to shop as much.  I still managed though.  :)  Did not do much random shopping this year, honestly we have most of what we want at this point.  Did do some targeted shopping.  Came away with the required 20 yards of linen (can't find linen like what this guy has anywhere else and he sells it for only $5 a yard!) and a dozen glass bracelets for giving away.  Also got new glass bowls to go with our period feast gear set (documented Roman.)  Got a couple of odds and ends during midnight madness although we did not shop as much that night as [info]joeguppy[Unknown site tag], E and played night Bocce through Midnight Madness.  FUN!

Did manage to pick up a new hobby this Pennsic.  I learned how to felt.  Made a couple of things and picked up supplies to make fighter tokens for the baronial fighters.  It is both fun and fast.  :)  Just what I needed, a new hobby.  :> 

Did make one last minute purchase that I got a really good deal on - a gold cotehardie.  It looks marvelous!  Ended up going  back and getting the husband a coat as well.  We are going to look dashing at Coronation.  I think I will even wear my snake belt with mine as it is long enough to do the hip belt thing.

Anyhow, we are on our way back now - just hit West Virginia.  We hope to stop and see another friend in Gainesville on the way home - Merowald.  We have brought him a gift from Minkan (sp?) as well as some chocolate milk.

See you all soon!  (or at least most of you!)


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