Mar. 17th, 2009

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Wow, according to my profile my last entry was 10 weeks ago...does time every fly!  So, a quick run down of what has gone on in that time...

*  E got Honor Roll two more times, that means he has gotten it all 4 grading periods this year!
*  He also was named Largo Chamber of Commerce Student of the Month for his school
*  And was recognized at SPC for "Academic Achievement"
*  Ended his soccer season 10-2 and won all 3 games in the first round of the playoffs.  Lost in the finals, but barely.
*  Is about to have his 12th birthday (at Coronation) - YIKES!

In other, non E-related news here is what I have been doing personally (because I do have a life besides being a mom)
*  Applied for Graduate School at USF (Major - American History to 1877)
*  Applied for the James Madison Fellowship to pay for it all
*  Took the GRE - unofficial scores are 610 for the Quantitative and 610 for the Analytical.

Wish the scores were a little higher, but according to the website for the MA in History programs, they only require 500 in each.  There is also a writing portion, but I have to wait 2 weeks to find out that score.  Basically, if I don't get in now, I will go back and retake it.  Whether I get in or not I can not afford it unless I get the grant, so wish me luck!

I also started Weight Watchers again, but I think I am going to quit for now.  My mind is just not in it.  Too many other stressors going on - most especially financial ones.  This year I got a pretty significant pay cut (thanks economy!) and it is really starting to catch up with us.  Right now I feel like I am throwing $40 down a hole each month, something we can not afford to do.   It's not like I can't return to it later, I just don't think it is the right time.

Well, it is WAY late and I should be in bed right now....


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