Aug. 16th, 2009

6 weeks...

Aug. 16th, 2009 10:54 pm
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Can it be so long since I last posted?  Oh Facebook, you have lured me away!  :)

Life has continued to be interesting.  E had a great summer, what with time with Grandma, 5 weeks in Tennessee with his Aunt and Cousins and 2 weeks at Pennsic.  He was VERY happy to be home - and then his two best friends were out of town!  Total bummer.  One is now back and they spent most of the weekend together playing with his new gerbils.  Yes, the third time is the charm (we hope.)  He is being VERY careful about keeping the cat away from them this time.  And we bought 3 - yes 3.  I am a big softie.  We were planning on 2 (since they are social animals) but there were only 3 siblings there and that would have left one alone...and...well, as mentioned I am a big softie!  They are all 3 very neat - they are not very scared of people and are very active.  E started out by reusing the previous names, but he and his friend renamed them over the weekend to Oreo (black with white markings and a very cute white tail tip), Cinnamon (light brown but with a dusting of dark brown - I had not seen one colored like this before, it is like the hair tips are a darker color) and Frost (not quite white, reminds me of the shetland pony I had as a kid, kind of white with cream.)  The husband has declared an affinity for Frost, Oreo has been my favorite from the beginning and E says Cinnamon is his favorite.  So we have one for every family member.  :)  Over the weekend E and his friend built a house for them out of Legos and have made mazes for them out of toilet paper and paper towel roles.  Fortunately they do not seem any worse for the wear...

We all really enjoyed Pennsic.  E did not want to go, but as suspected, once he was there he had a great time.  He made several friends and this was his first Pennsic to be able to run around with parents directly in tow.  (Rules are that under 12 you have to be under direct supervision.)  He made some extra money doing Ice runs for people and enjoyed spending the money he made.  The husband got to do a lot of fighting - and found that there is now wireless at Pennsic so he was happy.  And I discovered that I REALLY like Gin.  :)  Spent a lot of my Pennsic time just lazing around and it fealt great.

So now we are back and getting back into the swing of things.  This week I spent a day at school getting the furniture back in place and then 3 days working for the photographer.  This weekend has been a bit lazy.  Did get the house cleaned (with some help) and grocery shopped today with the family.  That was SORELY needed.  Go back to work officially tomorrow and then it becomes the mad scramble to get everything done before school starts officially on August 25th.

Add to all this that my USF class starts the same week.  On Friday I bought my books, bot my student ID and put in my tuition voucher.  Now it all is so much more real!  I am excited, yet scared witless.  It will all be great, but I am feeling a bit overwhelmed - once things get started it should be all good....


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